I offer a range of services for dogs of all ages and temperaments.

All group work is carefully arranged to be as inclusive as possible - even if your dog is shy or fearful, noisy or unmotivated, Little Dragon makes every effort to arrange activities where your dog may be included and make progress.

Private training solutions are available for those wanting to ease into group training or to address more complex behaviour issues.

Calm dog

A calm dog is a happy dog!

How calm is your dog? In all our classes, methods to help your dog learn to relax are discussed and practised.

Believe it or not, young dogs should be choosing to get 17 hours of sleep a day! If your dog is not relaxing at home napping for most of the day, it may be the cause of problem behaviours linked to poor focus, low impulse control and poor bite inhibition such as:

- Play mouthing or nipping
- Over excitement
- Jumping up or barking
- Destroying furniture

Get in touch today and begin your journey towards calmness...